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Fitness opportunities for all ages and fitness levels

Youth Fitness Camps

Location Pleasant Valley School

Middle/High School 

Strength & Performance

Adult Strength Training

Adult Bootcamp

2020-2021 School Year 
2021 Summer Camp Only
6th Grade     5th Grade     4th Grade
Tuesday        Wednesday  Thursday

After school-4:00pm

Fall Session
Winter Session
Spring Session
All Three Sessions

(pay as you go...$10.00 per class)

6th Grade     5th Grade       4th Grade

Tuesday       Wednesday   Thursday

Fall Session   2021                

Winter Session 2022

Spring Session 2022

Strength and Performance


7pm-8pm High School/Adult

Athletes learn how to perform all the major lifts in the safety of a small supervised group.  (squat, bench press, dead lift, shoulder press)

We incorporate a variety of assistance lifts to ensure a quality workout focusing on strength gains.

Each workout concludes with an aggressive Metcon/HIIT that focuses on body weight exercises and core work.

Monthly Training Rates:

$10.00 per Session

$100.00 per Month (unlimited sessions)




5:00PM Adult/child


PVFIT Bootcamp is an adult fitness bootcamp. It is a full body workout designed to strengthen and tone muscles, burn calories, and elevate your heart rate to promote a healthy heart. We incorporate weight training with body weight exercises and a variety of compound exercises.

Bootcamp Rate: 

$10.00 per session

$100.00 per Month (3x per week)

*Contact for info (856)404-0856

Contact us for more information...[email protected]  or call (856)404-0856

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